Children's Online Sunday Lessons

Welcome to Children's Online Sunday Lessons

Our Children's Ministry wants to continue to serve families by offering weekly Sunday lessons.  

Our Kids & Parents Resources page is intended to support you through this season. More resources are continually added each week. And don't forget to check out the Children's Artwork page, which has a gallery wall showing the great crafts that the kids are doing!

Study these lessons together as a family and discuss questions with your kids. We hope this will allow you to bond together as a family and to draw ever so near to God in this time.

This term, we will be exploring the foundations of our faith. We will learn about God's character through the stories of the Bible and applying this into our lives. We will also have time to worship, play games, and do crafts online together. We are so excited to be learning and growing with you.

Make sure you have signed the following TWO forms to register. If you have any questions, please email


There will be a Nursery Audio lesson with images provided for children under the age of 3. Join us as we worship and listen to the Word of God as we will be learning about God's creation this term.

Sept 20, 2020 - God Made People

Bible illustrated images in video courtesy of and Sweet Publishing


All Pre-K lessons will be posted by Friday noon each week so that you can have time to prepare supplies for the lesson on Sunday! 

Sept 20, 2020 - God Promises and Gives a Son to Abraham

Craft Supplies:

- two popscicle sticks

- markers

- 5 pipe cleaners

- beads


We have two classes available for all grade school children: Grades 1-3 and 4-6. Each week, parents will be sent an email with a Zoom link for our live teaching lessons. 

Sept 20, 2020 - God Promises and Gives a Son to Abraham

Print out this take home page to do with your family!