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Galatians: The Gospel

The gospel of grace is the transformative power of God for people in this world. When a group of new teachers came to the churches in Galatia they advocated that the gentiles Christians needed to submit to the law of Moses.  

Paul’s response to these teachers is an emotional defence of the gospel. In a letter written to the churches in Galatia the apostle argues that to add to the gospel is to pervert it; it is no gospel at all. We always run the risk of adding to the gospel, and so we need Paul’s passionate explanation. The gospel means living by the Spirit; it means freedom in Christ, it means faith expressing itself through love. If the gospel of God takes hold of our hearts we will be people transformed by grace. 

Join us this Sunday either in-person or online at our 11am Service for the start of our new message series entitled "Galatians: The Gospel".