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Good morning FLC! May the peace of the Lord be with you! In recent months, the Elder Nominating Committee had followed a process for considering potential elder nominees. We have prayerfully considered and approached various members in good standing to fill the 5 elder vacancies that we have for this upcoming year. And so, on behalf of the Nominating Committee, I would like to announce to you the list of elder candidates for our upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) on April 30, 2023. The names of these elder candidates are Justin Chan, Joyce Chen, Janson Ho, Lachmi Ma, and Albert Tam. Alongside of these are 3 current elders who have one year left in their term. They are Dominic Fung, Nicholas Lai, and Samantha Tsui. If elected, these 5 elder candidates + our 3 current elders would form the Elders Board for this coming year, which can have a maximum of 8 elders + the senior pastor.

Now, there is a 10-day period until April 5th in which FLC members in good standing have the option to propose other elder nominees. These additional nominations may be made by any 3 eligible members by submitting the name of the nominee in writing on an approved nomination form to the senior pastor by April 5th. The proposed nominee must consent to being nominated by 3 members before a nomination form is submitted to the senior pastor. You can find this ‘Elder Nomination Form’ on our website. However, before proposing other elder nominees, I would ask that you prayerfully read through the ‘Elder Nomination and Selection Guidelines’ and the ‘Pastors and Elders Covenant’ that states both the qualifications and the responsibilities of an elder. These guidelines and covenant are also available on our FLC website.

In addition, we will be electing 2 active members to serve on next year’s Elder Nominating Committee, alongside 2 appointed board members and the senior pastor. The names of these 2 active members who have been nominated are Bess Chan and Ellis Pang. The election of these 2 active members to serve on the Elder Nominating Committee for this coming year will also take place at our AGM on Sunday April 30th.

At this time, if you and 2 other members would like to nominate someone else to serve on the Nominating Committee, please fill out the ‘Elder Nominating Committee Form’ that is available on our FLC website and submit it to me by April 5th, along with the nominee’s consent. Those who serve on this committee have a very important role as they will prayerfully consider and discern together the names of FLC members who will be approached as potential elder nominees for next year. As such, it would be an asset if those who serve on the Elder Nominating Committee have a good understanding of FLC, and are also familiar with a broad base of people from our various congregations so that they can enter into an informed discussion and discernment process.

And so, dear FLC, please keep the whole nomination process in your prayers and I will inform you in two weeks time as to who else has been nominated as a potential elder candidate or nominated to next year’s Elder Nominating Committee. Thank you so very much everyone for your love and commitment to the Lord and to our church! God bless.  

In His love,
Pastor Abe