Here are the steps for making donations by e-transfer:

1. Log in your online bank account, look for the tab "Interac e-transfer" and follow the prompt to set up the Recipient information.

2. In the field for entering the email address of the Recipient, please enter the ensuing information: donations@fraserlands.ca

3. Some of the banks might require you to set up a security question and provide an answer to the set question. Please set it up accordingly. 

4. When you are prepared to make a donation, please enter the following information in the message box:

a. Your full name

b. Assigned Offering Number - If you are a regular attendee of FLC and you have an offering number, please write it down. (* For one-time donations, you don't need to apply for an offering number. Please put down your official name, address, contact number, and email address)

c. The Congregation that you are attending.

d. Indicate the type of funds designated e.g. General Operating, Missions, Building, etc. You can designate your donations to multiple funds but you will have to specifiy how much is designated for each one.

        * Some of the banks may have limitation on the number of characters you can type
           in the memo box, please refer to the example below to fill out the memo:

           Your Name; 123; Eng; G 100, M 100, B 100
           (Eng-English, Can-Cantonese, Man-Mandarin)
           (G-General, M-Missions, B-Building, T-Thanksgiving)  

Once you have added Fraser Lands Church as one of your recipients, the money will be transferred directly to the bank account of the church as soon as the transfer is approved by you.

Depending on your bank, there might be a service fee (currently it is around $1.00) for each transfer. 

Should you have any questions to the above procedure, please email Jacklyn Seto at office@fraserlands.ca.

Please Note:

  • If you want the offering to be counted as this Sunday, please make donations by e-transfer before Friday afternoon. All the donations done during the weekend will be counted as offering for the next Sunday.