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Easter Gift Boxes for Lytton 2023 

It has been over 20 months since we started our ‘Help for Lytton’ ministry in July 2021 when over 90% of the Village of Lytton was destroyed by wildfire.  As we continue our efforts in helping the rebuilding of Lytton, we want to bring a message of hope to support the Lytton families with Easter Boxes.  Like our Christmas Hampers, we will be providing Easter Gift Boxes to students in the two Lytton schools - Stein Valley Nlakapamux School and Kumsheen School.  We need 200 gift boxes.

Here is how you can participate: 

  1. Register and pick up a gift box from Fraser Lands Church.  You can register in person on Sunday morning or Online.
  2. Fill the box with your gifts.  Contents of the gift box should be about $25 in value - a list of suggested items is available. Please refer to Lytton Easter Gift Box Suggestions.
  3. Include a greeting card in the box with a brief word of love and encouragement.
  4. Do not seal the box – we will do a final check on the completed box and put on a Fraser Lands Church label.
  5. Return the completed box to Fraser Lands Church.

Deadlines to Note:

  • Easter Box registration & pick up - February 26 to March 19, 2023
  • Easter Box return to Fraser Lands Church - by Sunday March 26, 2023

Our plan is to have the Easter Boxes packaged and ready for delivery by April 3, 2023.  Easter Sunday is on April 9, 2023.

For inquiries, please contact Miranda at  

Thank you for your generosity and let's continue to remember the people of Lytton in our prayers.